Giant Cochin Trios 2 to 10.5 months old - $80 (Stevenson)

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We just have too many chickens so need to let a few go. This is an extremely rare opportunity as we do not normally sell any hens. Our flock has been completely closed for four years with no outside birds brought in and no signs of disease or sickness.

You are not buying chickens from me... you are investing into a quality bloodline that has been developed for many years with a focus on gentle nature, size, stature, and egg laying capacity. We have been raising amazing Chochins for 25+ years!!

Our Bloodlines come from the top show stock in the country. I drove across the country for the chicks that started our flock and paid dearly for just days old chicks... I have invested many thousands of dollars into these birds. If you are looking for great deals or cheap chickens, I suggest your local flea market. If you are looking for top quality, healthy, extremely large and thick chickens... well, I have great news.

I took pics yesterday with some of them standing by the fence to help give a size reference. These are extremely large birds and the large roosters are only 10.5 months old now. We always keep the smaller roosters out of a hatch to make it easier on our hens. Roosters will keep growing til around 2 years old. We have a frizzle rooster also available. He looks rough as the other rooster is king right now. He will look amazing in a few weeks where he isn't hounded.

Our roosters are extremely docile. We have an 18 month old grandson in with them all the time. Never any signs of aggression toward anyone. Roosters reach a very large size early and are great meat birds.

Our hens are huge! We use 15 gallon planters on their side for nest boxes. Our girls fill them up! Our hens generally set on 18 eggs per setting and are extremely great brooders and mothers. Not to mention amazing layers. Hens usually start laying around 6-7 months old.

These birds tolerate heat well as long as they have some shady areas to rest from the sun. The heavy feather coverings give them insulation from the heat. They do even more amazing in extremely cold weather. We do not use any heating during even the coldest weather. Our hens usually lay straight through winter and will even set if given the chance. They only need a good coop to keep them out of the wind and they can handle any cold Temps well.

Our birds have free range of our pasture and woods and put themselves up every night. They come easily for food and can be made pets extremely easy. (We suggest never making roosters pets as this can lead to issues).

We have some 2 month Olds, some almost 4 month Olds and 10.5 month Olds. I am only selling trios of one roo and two hens. You are welcome to buy more than one trio if you want more hens.

Prices start at $80 cash for a 2 month old trio. I only meet with chickens, I don't not allow anyone I don't know onto my place, and definitely not in my pasture. I travel a lot and I can possibly meet or deliver in many areas. Feel free to check.

You will have to email me to begin with. I am extremely stingy with my phone number (I never get spam calls and I want to keep it that way). I am happy to answer any questions through email to begin with.

I will reply to messages as soon as possible. I am not in service unless in the house. Thank you for your patience.

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