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license info: As required by the State of Alabama and Local Authorities; Insured through Auto Owners Insurance Company
offered in person
I offer competitive pricing and I don’t use cute or coy words such as the claim of "no overtime charge". I give flat rate pricing and do not charge by the hour. Work is for cash only and I do not “bill out”. I may even be able beat and charge less IF you have a written estimate from other providers with their company Logo on their estimate. It is NOT wise to speculate the cost of repairs over the phone and I don’t, not even those “how much Your charge” or “ballpark” phone call discussions. The reason I don’t is no matter how simple a repair is perceived to be, all have nuances. Limited Handyman type works is also provided. The question is: Do You want Honest Upfront Pricing? I am here! My phone number is (256) 656-6578. I may be working and unable to answer, so PLEASE feel free to leave a message for a prompt return call.

BEWARE: There is NO such thing as "Plumbing", “Small Plumbing”, “Minor Plumbing”, “Bathroom Remodel” or "Kitchen Remodel", and its wording in ads is usually a coy attempt to minimize the Legal Plumber certification, Reference: Alabama Statute 34-37, paragraph 6(a). Simply put, a person is illegal to perform ANY plumbing unless they are Certified by The State of Alabama Plumbing Board. Feel free to contact Mr. Morgan, the Executive Director for the State of Alabama Plumbers Board @ (205) 945-4857 or Mrs. Hargiss, Compliance Officer for North Alabama @ (205) 520-4106 for verification of this information

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